Since 2009, you have known Tresti,Inc. for building and supporting high technology solutions and product supplement, serving a wide range of industries.
We have now assembled a well rounded program of laser application machines, which are available in many models and sizes to fit your every need. Our customers use them for laser machines from variable application such as; cutting machine, engraving machine, medical instrument, measurement tools, factory automation systems and more.

To realize the full benefit of the stability and high quality, all components come from USA, UK, Japan's best and largest producers, all with a proven record for quality and innovation. Our qualified warranty for parts attest to this fact.

We maintain an extensive inventory of machines in Puerto Rico for immediate delivery. Training in our facility is free and personal, for as many days as needed to make you feel comfortable operating your machine. We train you on your machine and your computer. Then we follow up with exemplary service and a qualified warranty to maintain your satisfaction at all times. As you will see during your training, all components are plug and play, so maintenance in the field is simple. We inventory all spare parts at our facility for overnight delivery.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs. We are confident that, like our many long-time customers, you'll appreciate our quick turn-around, reliable delivery, individualized attention and high-quality products. Discover why we are the supplier of choice for the material-handling industry.
To start checking out our great line up of laser material and laser machines, please contact us. Also feel free to call us at 888-792-2111, we are always ready to assist you with quotes, material / machine demonstrations and tests.


(New!) Beam Tool


Tube bending

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